Architecture from the 1920's had evolved into a more understated affair, with more modest, almost honest feel. Of course with any Architectural style, there are always extreme interpretations -some perhaps more pleasing than others, although it should be noted that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"!!! This new style, known as "Art Deco", in some ways must have felt a big relief -not being ovewhelmed or cluttered with ornate details; clean crisp lines which had a sense of purpose, even elegance. Whilst the design of the Water Tower at Runwell Hospital could be compared with the former "Bankside" Power Station in London (now the Tate Modern), Runwell Hospital's Administration Building & its' environs share similar principle Architectural features with the Town Hall in Walthamstow, Essex. By the almost "Egyptian" styling around the Entrance to the Town Hall, and other features, it is clear that the budget was rather more extensive than that afforded to the Administration Building, and the tradition of giving Visitors a grand first impression of the Hospital when approaching the Main Entrance, clearly was copied from the predecessor to Mental Hospitals; Asylums, despite a more "competitive" Tender Budget. Below are a selection of photographs which hopefully show some of the similarities between the two Buildings:

Runwell Hospital Administration Building -c. 1936

Runwell Hospital Administration Building ~c. 1936~

Walthamstow Town Hall -2011

Walthamstow Town Hall ~2011~

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