23.03.2015 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Chalkwell & Westcliffe: photographs now added!

15.03.2015 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Brookside, Sunnyside, Laburnum, Oakfield: photographs now added!

09.03.2015 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Boleyn: photographs now added!

03.03.2015 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Elm, Grangewood & Woodside: photographs now added!

10.10.2013 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Harper Unit EAST: photographs of "Dove" & "Oakview" Wards.

26.09.2013 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Harper Unit WEST: photographs of "Steepleview" Ward.

06.06.2013 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Harper Unit: photographs of the Operating Theatres, Pharmacy, Recovery Rooms, Dentist, Offices & more!

22.05.2013 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Mortuary.

20.05.2013 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Offices next to the Administration Corridors, along with a few "bog" standard photos!!!

17.05.2013 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Harper Unit: photographs of the Calorifier Room.

14.05.2013 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Cleaner's Cupboards next to the Great Hall.

13.05.2013 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Spares Store Room & Great Hall Cloak Room now added (select from overview Plan).

09.05.2013 ~ "FILM FOOTAGE" -Showing all other Link Corridors (Administration & Great Hall), and Rooms & Offices next to the Administration Corridor.

03.05.2013 ~ "FILM FOOTAGE" -Showing the Corridor running along the north side of the Great Hall.

02.05.2013 ~ "FILM FOOTAGE" -Showing the Corridor linking the Administration & other Core Buildings with the Ward Buildings to the East (originally the "Female Side").

02.05.2013 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Hospital's Corridors now added.

25.04.2013 ~ "AERIAL VIEWS & MAPS" -Aeriel Views of the Hospital and expansive Grounds in 3D!

07.09.2012 ~ "TALE OF TWO BUILDINGS" -An Architectural comparison between Runwell Hospital's Administration Building & Walthamstow Town Hall.

08.08.2012 ~ "LATEST NEWS" -Demolition of former Hospital Buildings has commenced (in July, 2012). *New website area charting the progress of Demolition coming soon(ish)*

20.03.2012 ~ "LATEST NEWS" -Link to latest news regarding Contract to demolish existing Hospital Buildings (except for Listed Buildings).

14.03.2012 ~ "LATEST NEWS" -Link to latest news regarding homes Re-development plans.

28.02.2012 ~ "HISTORY" -Old Historical Photographs of People, the Buildings & Grounds is now live.

20.11.2011 ~ Site Supporter's page launched -Donate to help keep this Website running with PayPal.

31.10.2011 ~ "FILM FOOTAGE" -Showing the Laundry, Lecture Theatre & St. Luke's Chapel.

29.10.2011 ~ "LATEST NEWS" -Fully updated from 1998 to present.

26.09.2011 ~ "PEOPLE" -Rolf Strom-Olsen, the Hospital's Physician Superintendent, from 1934 'till 1964.

28.08.2011 ~ "DOCUMENTS" -New website section now open.

24.04.2011 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -More photographs of the Laundry added.

07.02.2011 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Main Kitchens & Cold Stores now added.

04.02.2011 ~ "FILM FOOTAGE" -Footage from Main Kitchens & Cold Stores now added.

27.01.2011 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Work's Department and original Male O.T. Dept. now added.

21.01.2011 ~ "FILM FOOTAGE" -More footage available for your viewing pleasure!

13.01.2011 ~ "FILM FOOTAGE" -New section of the website now live. Some footage from 2009 & 2010 added.

05.01.2011 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Lecture Theatre now added.

26.12.2010 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Boiler House & Water Tower now added.

08.12.2010 ~ "AERIAL VIEWS & MAPS" -New section now live -first ready to view are 3D Aerial perspectives.

03.12.2010 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of Plashet House now added.

30.11.2010 ~ "FAREWELL RUNWELL" -The Official Closure Event.

26.11.2010 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Sports Hall now added.

31.10.2010 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Laundry now added.

24.09.2010 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Creche / Nursery now added.

23.09.2010 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Hospital Bank & St. Joseph's Chapel now added.

13.08.2010 ~ "PEOPLE" -Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson. ~ WEBSITE -It was recently pointed-out that the Hospital was known for longer simply as Runwell Hospital, therefore the website name now reflects this fact. Also, a new colour scheme has been added -hopefully rather more easy on the eye!

09.08.2010 ~ "LATEST NEWS" area of website now live (for all news from May, 2010 onwards. Check here for up to date news on what's happening with the Runwell Hospital site.

05.08.2010 ~ "PEOPLE" Introduction page now complete -with Dr. Bruton as first person to be profiled.

10.06.2010 ~ PROJECTION ROOM EQUIPMENT "RESCUE" -How it happened, with some pictures.

09.06.2010 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Central Stores & Bakery now added.

07.06.2010 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of St. Luke's Chapel now added.

30.05.2010 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Gymnasium (later Cafeteria) Now available to view.

20.05.2010 ~ "CENTRAL BUILDINGS" -Photographs of the Great Hall are now available to view. All areas are covered, including beneath and behind the Stage, Dressing Rooms, as well as the Projection Room.

18.05.2010 ~ "BUILDINGS & GROUNDS OVERVIEW" page now live. The first area to be documented is the Administration Building, including Reception, Offices and the Doctors-on-call Suite.

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